Following are comments submitted from people who have experienced using the Safe Gaming System.
Email from RA: "After following the recommendations for many gambling sessions, I appreciate the benefits of playing by the SGS "rules". It wasn't easy, but I was was able to change my behavior at the casino. Now I walk away ahead more often because I no longer continue to play when I have won, or have lost my budget amount. I spend less time at the casino but I am having more fun."

Comment from GM: "The system has taught me the value of the "if you can leave, you can't win" idea through experience. It makes sense but I didn't appreciate it before. I didn't have to quit gambling, I just play smarter now."

Message from GG: "I wish I knew about this many years ago. it would have saved me a lot of angst. Better late than never."

Email from BF: "This technology has to help anyone who gambles. It sure helped me."

Comment from SS: "I really like this system. Why can't we get it in all the casinos?"