The scale is a common theme to SGS and its partner websites to represent the importance of a healthy balance of activities in life.

The Safe Gaming System highly recommends use of the OneRedChip mobile application to manage individual gambling and for self protection. Click on the link to the right to review and download this state-of-the-art gaming application.


The Safe Gaming System (SGS) is an effective, comprehensive consumer protection product for anyone who chooses to gamble. It offers easy, online registration and can connect to either online or "brick and mortar" gaming venues. Among its many features are assisting the user to establish rational time and money "budgets" (limits) for all gambling, which are based upon individual affordability. The system assists the user to stay within the established limits during live gambling sessions. The objective of SGS is to minimize harm and increase enjoyment from recreational gambling. SGS is patented in the United States and Canada.
The Safe Gaming System has been constructed to be essentially a "seat belt" for recreational gamblers. The system will communicate with the user via real time messages at key points, but only when necessary, in a live gambling session. An optional "self-assessment" is offered to provide information regarding gambling "type" and to reveal specific risks that an individual may encounter due to personality factors or perception of gambling. Using the system as a tool, the user "trains" him/herself how to obtain optimal enjoyment of the recreational gambling experience. 
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