SGS Quiz

The SGS Quiz is an extremely valuable, voluntary feature of the system. The quiz contains two short sets of multiple choice question that take a very short time to complete. Completing the first set of 10 questions determines your "gambling type". The tool accepts the reliable research that recognizes four general "gambling types". Which type most closely fits you depends upon how and how much you gamble and your motivation and expectations from gambling. A description of your specific gambling "type" is presented immediately upon completion of the questions. The second set of 10 questions assesses your individual risks to be aware of when you gamble. The risks that apply to you are presented and clearly explained at the end of the questions.


The Company is currently assessing results from prior participants in order to continually improve our quiz. Any potential improvements will be built into an updated quiz which will be published here. In the interim, those desiring to do so may access a reliable, anonymous quiz that we have confidence is of high quality.

Access alternate quiz
Access the alternate quiz.