Our software programs and integrated systems provide advice to gamblers who use our applications. The products are accessible either in a handheld application, online from one of our websites, or within a gaming venue that offers the Safe Gaming System features integrated or associated with its gambling games.

A free questionnaire that accurately determines your gambling "type" and your personal susceptibility to risks that are present in gambling is available on this website on the SGS Quiz page. In addition, a module is offered to guide you through  a process to determine a personal budget for time and money expenditures that is affordable for you. Guidance about gambling behavior to be more effective and enjoy the experience more is offered on several of our web sites.

The "Golden Rules" to keep in mind while gambling are listed below. Other advice and guidelines appear on the Philosophy and Tips page.

Golden Rules for Responsible Gambling


1. Budget your recreational gambling money. Set a budget for each gambling session and for each time period, such as monthly.


2. Gamble only an amount of money and time you can afford. Always determine how much you can afford to spend (lose) before your gambling session. Don't exceed your budgeted loss and time limit.


3. Predetermine a personal "significant amount" for either winning or losing. If you win a significant amount, hold back some of your winnings, and if you chose to gamble more, do so only with the remainder. If you lose a significant amount, reduce your bets, take a break, or call it a day.


4. When you are winning, you may elect to cautiously increase your bets.


5. Never play when you are tired or you are feeling the effects of alcohol or other substances.


6. Play only an amount per bet (hand or "spin") that you can afford. As a "rule of thumb" your budgeted loss limit should be able to cover at least 20-25 average bets.


7. Keep your gambling expectations reasonable. Understand the game and the "odds" before you play.


8. After five consecutive losing bets, revise your approach or switch to another table or machine. Stick with the principles of the game that maximize your odds of winning.


9. It is important that you have fun as a recreational gambler. Stopping while you are ahead will increase your overall enjoyment of the game. Remember "If you can't leave, you can't win.".


10. If you think you are having gambling issues, stop gambling for a period of time. If the situation does not improve when you begin to gamble again, stop gambling and seek help.