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About Us

Safe Gaming System, Inc. (SGS, Inc.) owns and operates this website and is one of a "family" of complementary sites. The common theme is that SGS and all our partner sites deal with aspects of the world-wide issue of consumer protection for people who choose to gamble. 


The Company is dedicated to applying technological and administrative "input controls" to protect the gambling consumer from inappropriate/harmful gambling. The Company's products and services proactively assist the user. The user is advised and "trained" how to approach gambling so that it is a more enjoyable experience and how one avoids harm that can result from gambling. Thousands of hours of research and independent studies have been invested in our products and services. Visit our other sites to see the various themes that we are pursuing toward the goals.

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Safe Gaming System, Inc. is a USA company with resources in Nevada, California, and Connecticut. The company has been in operation since 2004. Our human resources include systems engineering, counseling, programmers, and administration. We are an organization of experienced gambling experts that operates for the benefit of the gambling public.

Our staff has designed, built and patented this unique product specifically for your personal use. The product, when used conscientiously and consistently, informs, assists, and guides you regarding how to attain maximum enjoyment from your recreational gambling. It features easy-to-use, customized tools that allow you to create your "personal road map" to optimize gambling experiences. For example, a user may establish maximum losses and set time limits on gambling. The system will initiate messages that warn when limits are approached or reached and offer advisory action to the gambler. Reports and statistics are available to the user that are helpful to examine gambling behavior and understanding how to gamble "responsibly", that is enjoy the entertainment without suffering harm. Using the app will also raise awareness of the potential issues associated with gambling, which will lead to better prevention and practices and more enjoyment from recreational gambling.

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